At the heart of Delray Beach Florida, exists a 14,000 sq ft oasis of color. The Heart Of Delray Gallery beats with the warm energy of a thousand red’s, blues, greens, and pastel pink’s. This Premier Art Gallery represents many artists. The gallery showcases contemporary Art, abstract paintings, sculptures, and fine Photography. Each artist brings a unique element to the gallery. Walking through is like taking a Transcendent trip through color, taste, style, and expression.

Owner Daniel Cianciotto, a Long Island native with a background in fine art, 18th and 19th century antiques strives to create an atmosphere that is both inviting and exciting. Guests are welcome to come in and observe the artists creating live. Meanwhile the venue is also a hub for other creative media including live radio show broadcast and live streams of art and entertainment shows. In addition to participating in first Friday Art walks, the gallery space is also available for private collector showings in the off hours.